If you’re looking for a website that’s engaging, full of relevant keywords, and focuses around your customer to convert sales, we may be perfect.

The Good, The Bad, and… The Ugly?

We’ve all seen Ugly websites and I’ve even built some Ugly websites. Ugly aside, there absolutely is such a thing as a Good and a Bad website and it may surprise you that it’s not about looks. Instead, it’s about a simple question: Does it convert? Every day small business owners pay website companies thousands of dollars to crank out beautiful interactive websites loaded with bells and whistles and features that even bring the “wow” factor! The reality is that you can build the best looking website on the planet, but if the website isn’t built around customer engagement or converting sales, what’s the point?

Web Design Maryland

Lets take website design and split it into two buckets.

A Website Company in Method

<Borrowed from a real website designer in Maryland.>

Web Design Frederick MD

The Apollo Marketing Method

<Here’s our focus.>

Web Design Objectives

  • Attract visitors through keyword rich and engaging content that solves customer’s problems
  • Use the website to increase ROI
  • Leverage Google Analytics and A-B Testing to ensure website is optimized and converting
  • Utilize real and proven PPC and SEO strategies to increase traffic to our client’s websites

Website Qualities We don’t use flash or animated graphics. We build engaging content by writing from your customer’s perspective. We showcase your services by simply leveraging them to solve your customer’s problems. Ultimately, we ensure your website is found and give it a purpose.

Which would you rather have?

A note from the owner: Regardless if you’re searching locally for “Web Design Frederick MD” or statewide for “Web Design Maryland”, Apollo Marketing builds websites unlike any others in Maryland. There’s a reason we’re the fastest growing Digital Marketing company, and it’s because we’re a bunch of geeks who dive into the analytics so you don’t have to. We put our clients first, ensuring that their websites are revenue generating machines.

Ultimately, we have your best interests at heart and we kinda know what we’re doing.

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