Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is used to describe the activities that help a website improve their rankings in the Maps and Organic sections of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).


Here’s an example of Google’s SERP and common terms used to describe each section:

SEO Frederick MD

Why should I care about my SERP ranking?

Within the SERP, it’s estimated that the Organic section, the section under the map listings, receives 96% of the clicks. The Ads section, only 4%.

Of those organic clicks, Page 1 gets roughly 92% of all the traffic. Looking at the graph to the right, Position 1 on Page 1, will receive ~33% of the overall share of traffic. Lets explain it another way. Of the 92%, Page 1 traffic:

  • Whoever ranks in position 1 will receive almost twice as many clicks as position 2
  • Position 1 will receive ~4x more traffic than position 4
  • The Number 1 position will receive ~14x more traffic than number 10 position
  • Position 1 will receive ~7 times more traffic than all 10 positions on Page 2

If your local business is on page 2, you’re missing a huge opportunity!

The Take Away: Why not design the best website and place it where potential customers are looking? What could you do with 2x more traffic? How about 14x?

Maryland Search Engine Optimization

Vetting an SEO Agency:

We’ve talked about the benefits of SEO but lets be clear about the risk. Google ranks websites based off of hundreds of factors. An SEO Agency leverages these factors to game the system to get your site ranked higher. To do this, there are ethical ways (White Hat), unethical hacking ways (Black Hat), and an enormous grey area in-between. Most legitimate SEO agencies live in the White and Grey Hat world.

There are BAD SEO companies out there that make instant false promises. Any company that promises rankings, advertises that “We just got an opening on Page 1 of Google…” or “We represent Google…” are full of #&%@. These companies are frauds looking to take your money and run! They can hurt your valuable rankings and could even get your website penalized! Be careful!

Maryland is an amazing state for business and to work. Here’s some fun facts for you:

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Maryland households are currently the wealthiest in the country, with a 2016 median household income of $78,945FactFinder, which puts it ahead of D.C. and Virginia. Maryland was ranked No. 1 with the most millionaires per capita in 2017, with a ratio of 7.7 percent.CNBC Also, the state’s poverty rate of 7.8 percent is the lowest in the country.WashingtonPost Baltimore Sun WIBW

If you’re looking for SEM or SEO in Baltimore, Columbia, Frederick or anywhere in Maryland, there’s a ton of opportunity and potential customers are just a click away. Take action today and lets dominate your industry!

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Note from the pro’s: Before you go, there’s one more thing. SEO isn’t an instant win. It takes time. It takes most local businesses anywhere from 3-6 months to see consistent traffic improvements – national can take even longer. This is why so many businesses invest solely on Pay Per Click. Lets get real… What’s best for your business: 4% of clicks today or 10-30% of all clicks in 6-9 months?

Regardless if you’re searching for Pay Per Click Advertising in Frederick MD or Search Engine Optimization in Maryland or Frederick MD, we’re leading the way and we’re always here to help owners grow their business.

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