Dec’ 20 Google Core Algorithm Update
Dec 22, 2020

Dec’ 20 Google Core Algorithm Update

SEO in 2020 posed new challenges for marketers all over the globe. Google has been working hard to make improvements and changes that affect our search results. All this was done to aid users in their search journeys. And the release of Google’s December 2020 Core Algorithm Update is one such edition announced by Google on December 3, 2020. 
According to various reports, the majority of websites remain unaffected by the update. However, those that were affected have seen significant changes. This was especially true for sites that had been negatively impacted by the latest core update. And recovering the losses from this update isn’t possible until the next one rolls out. But according to experts of SEO Frederick, it is possible to obtain incremental gains during this period, especially for sites that have been working hard towards improving their rankings. Such sites may witness a reversal of fortune.

What can be done to win from Google’s December 2020 Core Algorithm Update?

Websites that take a more content and value-based approach to SERPs have a lot to gain. Since Google rewards content that follows the E-A-T principle, websites that are optimized, create quality, authentic content, and leverage data to improve the user experience will see results reflective of that effort. 

Whenever Google rolls out a new core update, it means websites’ rankings can change significantly. Knowing when google makes these updates gives brands some time to reconsider their current strategies and understand what changes can affect their search engine rankings. That being said, there aren’t specific actions to take to win from Google’s December 2020 Core Algorithm. However, since Google values quality content more than anything else, the company did offer some questions to consider when evaluating your content.

  • Is the content written after thorough research on the subject?
  • Does the content provide in-depth information on a definitive topic?
  • Does the content add value to the user’s life? Does it provide additional information than the obvious?
  • Does the content include some data or links to high DA websites?
  • Are the headings, subheadings on-point? Do they aptly depict what your content is about?
  • Are the headings designed to increase the click-through rate, or do they actually live up to the users’ excitement?
  • Is your content written in a format/language that the users can easily read/ understand?

Takeaway – Marketers/ entrepreneurs must understand what Google expects their websites’ content to include. Your content must scream originality, extensive research, analysis, and trustworthiness. Your content must be devoid of grammatical errors/ spelling mistakes and must be highly communicable. It should be publishable. Also, don’t copy someone else’s content, thinking adding a link to the source would suffice. Instead, provide a few lines of commentary.

Expertise Questions

  • How does your content build that relationship with the readers? Does it present information in a way that makes them want to trust you? Do you provide an author-bio under every published article?
  • How well do you respond to the users’ queries?
  • Is the content written by industry leaders or someone that specializes in that particular niche?
  • How do you define the authority of your content? Do you go back to it if you want to brush up on more information about that specific topic?

Presentation And Production Questions

  • Is your content designed so that it shows compatibility with all devices – laptops, mobiles, tablets? How responsive is your website?
  • Does the content include infographics/ videos?
  • Is the content written to aid the buyer’s journey? Is it well-presented?
  • Does the content answer users’ queries, or is it linked to other pages that provide detailed information regarding a specific topic?
  • Does the website load fast, or is the content stuffed with ads that distract and irritate the users?

Comparative Questions

  • Is your content worthy enough to rank on top? Does it stand out in the search results? Does it provide anything additional when compared to other pages in the results?
  • Is the content written solely for search engines, or does it serve the viewers’ genuine interests?

The core update does not list the reasons why your websites witnessed a drastic change in rankings. But Google does mention search quality raters guidelines that help you assess how your website is performing and what can be done to win over your users. So if you aren’t already keeping an eye on your analytics and rankings, we’d suggest you buckle up, and hire experts of digital marketing Frederick, MD, to help you gain more from the core updates Google rolls out. Also, put yourself in your readers’ shoes and design the content the way they want it.

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